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From Munich to Cincinnati: University Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cincinnati chapter.

I recently moved to Cincinnati all the way from Munich, Germany. Here are a couple of things I noticed about the differences in their universities. Keep in mind that everything is based on what I experienced! Not all universities are the same.

1. The Amount of Time it Takes to Get a Bachelor’s Degree

In Munich, the average number of semesters needed to receive a bachelor’s degree is six (which takes 3 years). This varies depending on if students take a year to go abroad or get internships. But at the University of Cincinnati, the average number of semesters needed to finish a bachelor’s degree is eight.

2. No homework or Quizzes

In Munich, It is not common to have homework or quizzes throughout the semester. That might sound amazing, but it makes it much harder to study for the finals at the end of the semester.

3. No School Merch

This is something I am actually really jealous of. I’ve seen a bunch of students walking around with UC shirts, bags, pants and other gear, and I love it! I wish we had that in Germany, too.

4. Less Air Conditioning

It’s crazy how Americans use AC everywhere! When I arrived in Cincinnati, I immediately got sick because I was not used to being in AC all the time (European problems, haha).

5. Cheaper Tuition

While American students have to pay a ton of money for their education, German students pay approx. 200- 400 EUR per semester (excluding private universities), which equals about 228-456 American dollars.

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