Meet Rising Star: Dejah Gilliam

Miss Gilliam is a 19-year-old Native from Dayton, Ohio who is currently a second year journalism major here at the University of Cincinnati. Dejah is the oldest of five children which as taught her how to get out and support herself by working hard for everything she desires. She is also a product of teen pregnancy, which is something that runs in her family but this changed when she decided to come to UC. This is not the only generational curse Miss Gilliam has broken. She is also a first-generation student and is paving the way for her younger siblings. Dejah hopes to keep the legacy and continue to be an inspiration to those around her here at UC. 

During her freshman year, Dejah was one of 14 students selected to travel to Cuba on a study abroad trip with the journalism department. Dejah told HC, “I am already exposed to the culture through my ethnicity, so this was an experience I couldn’t let get away!” Everything certainly worked in her favor considering the fact that many freshmen aren’t often considered for trips. This right here showed Dejah that she had the ability to conquer above and beyond the goals she has set for herself in college. 

Also during Dejah’s freshman year, she took initiative and joined Her Campus and UCABJ (UC’s Association of Black Journalists), which are both primarily related to her major. Miss Gilliam is on the scene and we have no doubt that Dejah will be a successful journalist. She also mentioned, “I am interested in learning the Japanese language to better market myself.” And it doesn’t stop there! Since Dejah didn’t have the opportunity to travel out of the country prior to college, her plans now are to travel to a different place each year to gain a well-rounded cultural experience. She said she would like to make that happen while in college because she’ll be able to take full advantage of learning about different places while receiving college credits. She’s recently completed some more study abroad applications with UC International so we will see where the world takes Miss Gilliam next! Be on the look out because she’s not slowing down.