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The Life of Gabbi Lace

This week’s campus celebrity is taking a different approach on the word ‘celeb’. Gabbi Lace is definitely an inspiration to those who struggle with self-confidence and we want to showcase her amazing transformation into this confident woman ready to take on the world. Meet Gabbi Lace- Coming from a small farming town, Gabbi never thought the glamorous world of modeling would have any place in her life. Ever since she was a little girl, she never felt confident or secure with whom she was. Sure, there were times in her life where she would go and do great things, but her fear of failure and rejection always seemed to hold her back. This fear continued on into her teenage years, in which she struggled with anorexia for three years but what seemed like a lifetime to her. She would starve her body and mind, in all hopes that she would eventually find beauty in herself. Before she could find the beauty within herself, she ended up lost, scared, dangerously underweight and with the worst sense of herself that she have ever had.

In the process of her recovery, she began to find out who she was. She managed to begin the journey: the journey of recovering and of finding her true self. Gabbi Lace had her first photo shoot on October of 2014. Her modeling friend Britt Lee took her to a shoot with her and that’s where she met the first photographer to do a photo shoot of her, Panda Bear. Little did she know that this shoot would progress to more upcoming shoots. She really did it just for a fun time and to help with her self esteem.

Later that week after seeing the pictures that Panda Bear took of her, she sent an application to Suicide Girls, a website that features pin-up photography and profiles of alternative female models who are known as “the Suicide Girls”, and to her disbelief, she got accepted the very next day. After receiving the acceptance from a very known modeling group, she knew that she could accomplish anything that she put her mind to.

As of right now, Gabbi Lace has done 9 shoots and is soon to be published in magazines such as Delicious Dolls, Xpressions, and Model Up. Her next goal is to be in Ladies of Metal or other alternative modeling and pin-up magazines.

Remember, there is something to look forward to everyday; this experience is a surreal dream come true for Gabbi Lace. Gabbi Lace was able to conquer her own self-deeming attitude, an eating disorder, and an abusive relationship along with depression. The fact that she was able to conquer all of those things along with making a career out of modeling her body, once hated, is really inspiring. 

Catherine is pursuing a marketing degree at Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. She loves her family, and believes family comes first. Catherine is also a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and to never take a moment for granted because she never knows what will happen next. Fun fact: Catherine is a FOODIE! She loves all things that have to do with food, just look at her articles and you will be able to tell. Live Life, Smile, & Eat Some Good Food!
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