Last Minute Gifts for Your Besties for Under $20

The holidays can be filled with chocolate and candy canes, but Christmas shopping can be hectic and pricing. How do you decide what to get for each friend? Well, have no worries, because I did some research for you and found the perfect holiday gifts for under twenty dollars. So now you can give the gift of Christmas cheer without breaking the bank!

1. Burt’s Bees lip balm – This gift set of lip balm is perfect for someone who is always losing theirs like me! It’s perfect for keeping one in the car, one in your backpack, and one in your purse for easy access.

2. Pastel marble phone case – Marble is the new black, and this will make anyone's phone look like a million bucks. 

3. Monogram mug – Is it possible to have too many mugs?

4. Tumbler – I love this tumbler because you can use it easily on the go!

5. Charcoal mud mask – A detoxifying mask is great for refreshing the skin after the busy holiday season.

6. Cozy socks – These are perfect for keeping feet warm in the winter months to come.

7. 2018 planner – For anyone who loves to keep their life organized. I use my planner for everything and I would be lost without it.

8. Lashes pouch – The cosmetic pouch is great for holding makeup or other small items floating around.

9. Candle – You can never go wrong with a candle. It lights up a room and it smells great!

10. Pom-pom beanie – This beanie is so soft and cute! You can even buy extra pom-poms to change out the one on the top.


Article and graphic by: Mackenzie Grant





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