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Last Minute Cute Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Tired of the cliché dinner at a fancy restaurant? As college students, it can be hard to come up with date ideas that don’t break the bank on a night when all the biggest restaurants, bars, and cafés are filled with other happy couples. Here are a few ideas for those of you interested in doing something a little different with your date this year.

Visit a Museum.

Are you and your date interested in culture and history? Consider a night out at the local art museum. The environment will be quiet, the mood relaxed, and there will be endless sources of discussion as you study various sculptures, paintings, and artifacts.

Take a hike.

More inclined towards nature? If the cooler weather isn’t a deterrent, hike on the trails at one of the nearby nature parks. You can even pack a picnic dinner, complete with wine or beer and some chocolate. There’s nothing quite like a date in nature with someone you love, as you talk about life and gaze at the beauty all around you.

Grab coffees and take a walk around town.

A more chill night may better serve the needs of a couple who doesn’t need much more than each other to have a good time. Dress warm, grab some pipin’ hot coffees, and take a casual stroll around town. The streets will be busy and lit up with V-Day festivities, and love will be in the air.

Have a movie night at home.

Sometimes you just want to forget the whole world and remain at home with no pressures or expectations. So make a movie night of it! Binge watch the entire Star Wars series, Harry Potter movies, or Narnia films. Make each other dinner and cozy up in warm blankets as you eat popcorn and ice cream. Home is where the heart is, and yours will be cuddled up next to you on a night like this.

Eat at a small, family-owned restaurant.

Want a new twist on the classic date idea? Instead of picking the biggest and most popular restaurants on the most romantic night of the year, choose a smaller, family-owned restaurant instead. There are countless places once you do your research and look, and usually, the food served is from different ethnic groups, like Indian or Japanese cuisine. Plus, the care from waiters and the host will feel more personal and direct, and will only add to the intimacy and charm of your meal.




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