How to Survive Your Long Distance Relationship


I wish I could tell you that there is a simple rule book on how to have a successful long distance relationship, but alas, there is not. Everyone’s long distance relationship is different, with different barriers and struggles that they have to face. The struggle in my personal relationship is a whopping 14 hour time difference and about 6,784 miles. Being away from your person is hard; I’m not going to sugar coat it, it sucks. But you do it because you love them enough to wait around and count down the days till you see them once again. 

I’ve been at the long distance game for about two years now and have picked up a lot of tricks on how to survive the suck of being apart from your significant other. If you just entered a long distance relationship or are in one and need some new tips on how not to lose your mind, this blog is for you!

  • Communication- If you can’t see each other it’s important to talk to each other, alot! Your brain will definitely start to run wild and make you second guess things if you aren’t communicating enough.

  • Share a Common Interest- You guys are together, so I’m sure there’s something you both enjoy, right? Having something in common, whether it’s a love of cooking, music, books, etc. will give you an easy thing to connect over and talk about while you’re apart!

  • Snapchat, Facetime, Zoom, etc.- Get that face to face, well as close to that as you can get, time in! I know I miss my boo’s face all the time and have them send selfies on Snapchat just to keep me sane!

  • Make Each Other Playlists- I love to do this! It helps me channel all my thoughts and feelings about them when they're gone. Bazzi has definitely been getting me through this time apart!

  • Date Nights- You guys don’t get to go out like normal couples, so have your own virtual date night! Spend the night on Facetime and press the play button at the same time or set your phone up in the kitchen and cook the same meal, get creative and make it happen!

  • Learn About Love Languages- I think this one probably helped my relationship the most. People love in all different ways, it’s important that you figure out how your person shows their love to fully understand your relationship. After talking about the different ways we each show our love, our relationship has just made so much more sense to both of us.

Do you feel more prepared to battle the hardships of long distance now? I hope so! There is no magic book that will tell you how to have the happiest long distance relationship. You kind of just have to write your own rule book of what works best for the two of you. From one long distance relationship to another, good luck! I’m rooting for you!