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How to Pull the Perfect All-Nighter

With mid-terms right around the corner and a slew of assignments that appeared out of nowhere, all-nighters are becoming more and more frequent on campus – and almost inevitable. Here’s how to pull the perfect all-nighter:

10 pm: To-Do List Time!Make a pretty little to-do list with a decorated border, check-boxes and detailed descriptions, and get pumped up for the upcoming night-long struggle.

11 pm:  Go Food-HuntingCookies and microwavable pizza are perennial go-to options, but there’s a wider variety of choices available if you live around campus. Toppers Pizza on Clifton Avenue and Insomnia Cookies on Calhoun Street deliver way past midnight! Grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it, too.

12 am : ProcrastinateStart off on Facebook – you need to know what everyone else is up to.Somehow land on BuzzFeed, and then 9gag, and then…Eventually make your way to hercampus.com, where you’ll run into this article!

1 am:  Start getting on-trackPromise yourself you’ll log off Instagram right after you’ve read this article. Yup, I know you’re on a stalking spree. Then turn off your phone notifications. It’s hard to let go; I know, I know.

2 am: Press PlayPlay your favorite song as loud as you dare to in the middle of the night – motivation is key. Then switch to a focus-friendly playlist – Spotify’s Epic All-Nighter and Electronic Dance Music playlists can work wonders.

2:15 am: Just Do It!

Remind yourself that that exam counts for 25% of your final grade.That paper due tomorrow at 8 am is probably just as important.Now get cracking!

3:30 am: The breakdownYou’re dead tired, and barely done with a third of your work.Call your best friend! They will always pick up, listen to your sob-story of anguish and suffering, console you, and then go right back to sleep.

3:45 am: You can do it!At this stage, you start gauging how much time you have left, and how many tasks, and calculate exactly how many minutes you need for each one, and start breaking it down into 15 minute time slots, and then… stop! You’re back in day-dreamland.

Snap back to form!

4:30 am: Coffee breakBrew yourself a second cup of coffee while stretching your legs, and get ready for that last stretch! You’re almost there.

6:00 am: You’re done!Finally, it’s over! Do your victory dance all around your room.

6:15 am: Look outsideThe sun’s rising, and it looks amazing.

6:20 am: Sweet dreams!Flop back on your bed for an hour’s worth of well-earned sleep.

8:00 am: Zombie-Look or Mascara Makeover?Depending on how you’re feeling, either walk right out of bed in your PJs to class, or apply some BB cream and mascara to look flawless.

And then promise yourself you’ll never pull an all-nighter again. But in case you ever need to, make sure you bookmark this article for future reference.

Comment down below with your favorite all-nighter stories!

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