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How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Page

With the approaching spring and summer semester, internship searches are in full swing. It is important you have the right professional tools on your side to land an interview that might land you a job! One of those tools is LinkedIn – a website and app used for professional networking.

Whether you’ve never heard of LinkedIn before, or your profile just needs some updating, follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to corporate domination.

Your profile can’t just be a storage unit for career contacts – it needs to be a living, breathing record of your professional life. Nearly every industry uses LinkedIn to find and vet candidates for all sorts of jobs.  In order to have your profile stick out from others, there are a few things that you need to include.

1. A Profile Picture

Profile pictures are important! Profiles that have a picture get up to 21 times more views. Make sure the picture you choose looks like you. Seriously. If and when you get called in for an interview, whatever they see in person will now be their second impression of you, so choose an up-to-date picture. Additionally, make sure you are dressed professionally in your headshot and choose a background that isn’t distracting – a solid color is preferable.  

2. What to List

When it comes to your work experience, LinkedIn should read similarly to your resume. This might mean leaving off some of your past work experience in an effort to make your more recent experience read clearer, as it probably pertains more to the job you are looking for.

There is more to list than just your work experience, though! Be sure to include your education, where you went to college and what your major/minors are. Also add a short “elevator pitch” with at least 40 words that speak to your skills, motivation, and interests,  as this will also help grab a recruiter’s eye.

3. Be Social

It is a social network after all, so go ahead and be social! Instead of just saving the connections you’ve met throughout your professional life, actively engage with contacts by liking, sharing and commenting on their activity. This will help introduce you to more people and have newer connections remember you.

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for current students and graduating students alike to use, so make the most of it!

Carolyn Schultz

Cincinnati '20

Carolyn is a 4th year at UC from Houston, TX, studying Fine Arts, with a certificate in Media Criticism and Journalism. When she's not working at her super cool co-op with Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, OH, you can find her taking photographs, writing, and creating art for her portfolio. Her Twitter and Instagram is @Carriecschultz, and make sure you check out her website, www.carolyn-schultz.com!
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