How (and How Not) to Wear a Crop Top

Few things make me cringe more than seeing the unsightly pairing of a crop top and low-rise jeans. Quite frankly, it’s a crime, and one that should not go unpunished. Am I the only one who picked up on crop tops and high waists trending at the same time? For the sake of style, I’ll put it simply: it was not a coincidence. Of course, any regular fashionista would know this. However, there are those of us who are less fortunate. I am here to put an end to this fashion faux pas for the greater good of humanity. You’re welcome.

What Not to Do

There is a very certain way to wear pieces such as crop tops. They are versatile, but specific. As in, very rarely can the average woman pair a crop top with low-rise jeans and actually make it work. (How many of us actually look like Pinterest models?) And even then, when I see the women on Pinterest with their perfectly toned stomachs baring all midriffs in crop tops and low-rise denim, I question it. This is not 2001, and you are not Britney Spears.

Why not save yourself from the unflattering early 2000s throwback and simply invest in something high-waisted? (Or really, just forget the crop top altogether.) The style is flattering to virtually every body shape, and who doesn’t love when 90s trends make a comeback? (Note: I said 90s, not early 2000s.)

This look just isn't flattering, even on her...


The Flattering Way to Wear a Crop Top

Here are a few examples that I have compiled of my favorite crop-top-wearing high-waisted-pairing looks!

One of my favorite looks. This outfit goes to show that the waist doesn’t have to be extremely high if you pair it with the right top—one long enough to provide an appropriate amount of coverage.

The shorter the crop, the higher the waist (it’s a rule).

Perfectly executed. We all probably saw our girl crush wear it over the summer.


The point is, there are tons of ways to wear trendy pieces like crop tops. While the beauty of fashion and style (no pun intended) is that there is no right or wrong way to do it—it’s an expression of you as an individual—there are certain styles that are unflattering to certain and even all body types. The key is to understand this—once you understand your body type, what works, and what doesn’t, you’ll spend a lot less time Snapchatting your best friends asking if your outfit looks okay.

I’ve invested in (too many) pairs of various styles of high-waisted shorts, jeans and skirts from stores such as H&M, Forever 21, and American Eagle, and I never break the bank. (Trust me, I’m a poor college student!) Try pairing your crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt for the ultimate chic look! See below for some stores with great crop top selections and how to wear them!

Tobi: United Crop Top, $36, available in black, orchid and peach, size XS–L


H&M: Fine-knit Sweater, $12.95, available in gray and khaki green, size XS–L


Lulu’s: LULUS Exclusive Belladonna Black Crop, $34, available in black and light beige, size XS­–L

What are some of your favorite ways to wear crop tops? The best places to buy them? We'd love to find out! Comment below and share your best crop top style and shopping tips.