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Five New Year Resolutions You Can Stick With

     With the new year starting most people, myself included, come up with some unrealistic thing they want to change about their lives. When the fact of the matter is, real change doesn’t come from a new day on the calendar or having a goal of losing those 15 pounds you’ve been wanting to. It comes from truly examining your life, what you like about it and what you think needs to change or could be better. True, real change comes when you really take a step back in your own life and figure out what you want to change. So here are 5 resolutions you can actually stick to this year!

      1. Being healthier–Not just losing a couple pounds

A lot of people start a new year saying “I’m going to lose those last 20 pounds” and go on crazy diets or stop their workouts after New Year’s Day. But taking a different approach to your health could really change your life, not just the new year. Finding fun ways to be active and discovering new, healthy recipes that don’t actually suck, can really change the way you feel about being healthier! Also, making sure to give yourself some “me time” amidst your busy schedule is key.


     2. Try something new every month

Whether it’s a new restaurant, park, play, or hidden treasure of your city or campus, trying something new and getting out of your normal routine can create so many new memories. When next year comes around, you’ll realize that the little things, like trips to a new place, is what is going to change your life! Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun!!


     3. Join a new club or organization

Joining a new club/organization could be just what you need to spice up your life! It will provide endless opportunities to make new friendships, network, and open so many doors you might not have even expected! For me personally, joining Her Campus has actually changed the path of my future and led me to so many new friends and a tremendous amount of personal happiness! Don’t let your fear of joining something new hold you back because it could change your life!


     4. Kick a bad habit or work on something about yourself you’ve been wanting to change

A bad habit or something you just don’t particularly love about yourself, let’s be honest we all have something, can really hold you back in life. Making the conscious effort to make a change in that area of your life could end up being a positive domino effect in your life! Don’t let negative aspects hold you back in 2017!


     5. Learn a new skill or start a personal project

Starting a personal project or learning something new you’ve been saying you would for the past year, could help pave the path for a positive 2017! Learning something new or completing a project can instill a positive sense of accomplishment in your personal life, and if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut, this could be exactly what you need!


I hope you guys will grab 2017 by the reins and run wild! Never forget that you are unstoppable and can accomplish anything you want in life, so start this year out right! HCXO and Happy New Year, Collegiettes!

Sarah Ickes


Her Campus Publicity Campus Coorespondent  Chi Omega Director of Sisterhood  Communication & Public Relations  Lover of all things related to Beyonce and Skyline Chili 
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