Drake Donated 1 Million to Miami Community

“I don’t wanna die for them to miss me.” –Drake, God’s Plan

If there is one thing people will remember about superstar rapper Drake, it will be the time when he used his marketing budget for his “God’s Plan” video, totaled at $996K, and gave it all away to the people of Miami, Florida.

After releasing the single back in January, Drake released the highly anticipated video Friday morning. The visual opens up by explaining that Drake and his team gave away the video’s budget of almost one million dollars. In the video, Drake is seen distributing the money in a number of ways: paying for all the customers groceries in a supermarket, giving money to struggling families, sponsoring shopping sprees for teenage girls, donating $50,000 for a University of Miami’s student tuition, donating another $50,000 to the Lotus House Women’s Shelter, and other generous gestures.

“God’s Plan” is already being called video of the year, currently has over thousands of views and has inspired numerous reaction videos on YouTube. The video is trending all over the world and is causing folks to be emotional and inspiring them to take action in their own communities. I believe Drake can put his worries about “dying for people to miss him” away now. The blessings that he gave unto others will be forever remembered and appreciated, not only in the Miami community but Hip Hop’s as well.

Check out the "God's Plan" video here