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Do You Bitmoji?

     Crazy word right? Well you may or may not even know what a Bitmoji is and chances are, you’re unsure whether or not you are even saying it correctly. You are, trust me. Okay now that you’re passed the wording, you probably would like to know what it is. Bimoji is an expressive cartoon avatar, you design in your favor. It allows you to choose your personal characteristics from such little detail as your facial lines, to showing off your own style with the choice of your outfit. Designing yourself is pretty cool, but is only the beginning of the fun. Bitmoji includes selections from theme choices inspired by popular movies and shows, and large varieties within more relative expressions such as love, excitement and anger. No matter the type of mood you’re in, I’m willing to bet that there is a choice just for you. And don’t worry! Bitmoji isn’t just for iPhone users, the app can be accessible through the Apple Store, Google play and can be obtained on Google Chrome. You can send them through email, messaging, or share them with a larger audience through your social media platforms. 

Though Bitmoji was created 2 years ago, it didn’t seem to attract Generation Z users until recently. It includes so many hip phrases used by our generation, that it’s hard to ignore. After doing its largest update since 2014, Bitmoji is now able to connect through Snapchat! I believe this has attracted many more users because they are now circulating through one of the biggest social media platforms of the year. Not only can use your personal avatars, but if you are messaging someone and their Bitmoji character is connected through their snapchat account, the avatars merge together to form a duo with many of the expressions. Pretty cool huh?  

Don’t forget to read over the terms and conditions in case you do not agree with the privacy policy such as being a third party of your keyboard. No worries though, you can disregard this option and still continue to use the app!

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