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Cincinnati’s Gem: EatDrinkNada

Do you just love brunch? Do you love Mexican inspired meals? Do you love reasonable priced food in the middle of downtown Cincinnati? If your answers to following questions above is yes, yes and another YES then Nada is the place for you. 

Having brunch items being between $9-$13 right in the middle of downtown is something hard to find… what is even harder to find is those prices, in the middle of downtown, that looks and taste deliciously AMAZING! These chefs definitely know what they are doing and it shows through the combination of ingredients and their presentations.  It is almost too pretty to eat… JK who are we kidding we’re going to eat it anyways.

This place is definitely a fun, colorful, laid back place to enjoy brunch with family and friends.

Hint: Nada gets busy, so make sure you get there early or call ahead to guarantee yourself a table!

Catherine is pursuing a marketing degree at Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. She loves her family, and believes family comes first. Catherine is also a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and to never take a moment for granted because she never knows what will happen next. Fun fact: Catherine is a FOODIE! She loves all things that have to do with food, just look at her articles and you will be able to tell. Live Life, Smile, & Eat Some Good Food!
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