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Cincinnati’s Gem: The Eagle OTR

Got a case of the winter blues? I have a cure for just that; some warm, down-home, delicious comfort food! Good thing for you, I know just where you can find some: The Eagle OTR.

The Eagle is a quaint but small resturant that is located on Vine Street in OTR. With it being such a small area it is a hard place to get a table; they do not take reservations and the wait times can be as long as two hours. 

But it is totally worth the wait! 

To start off, their fried chicken is free-range, all natural Ohio Amish chicken and it served with a spicy honey- the mix of spice, sweet, crunchy, juicy and savory is pretty much perfect. What is even better than the taste is the price; a fourth of a chicken only for $6 and a whole chicken for $18!

But the chicken is not just the star of the show; the side dishes have pretty big parts as well. For instance, the spoonbread- which is iron skillet corn bread with maple butter ($5), the macaroni and cheese- which is made with five cheeses, red pepper flakes, and topped with toasted garlic breadcrumbs ($5), and lastly the collards- which is stewed with ham hocks and bacon, this savory, vinigary side dish is delicious ($4). 

A few things to take away from this article: 1) Hurry up and get there to put your name on the waiting list then go to bar to get some drinks 2) Always order the chicken, macaroni and cheese and collards 3) Come back with friends because everyone needs some good, down-home comfort food every once in awhile. 


Catherine is pursuing a marketing degree at Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. She loves her family, and believes family comes first. Catherine is also a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and to never take a moment for granted because she never knows what will happen next. Fun fact: Catherine is a FOODIE! She loves all things that have to do with food, just look at her articles and you will be able to tell. Live Life, Smile, & Eat Some Good Food!
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