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The state of Ohio has been receiving a lot of unnecessary hate right now on the internet. We don’t have mountains, and we don’t have beaches, but we do have beautiful and historic cities that hold rich histories surrounded by beautiful nature. Where you live is what you make of it, and you can find beauty and fun everywhere you are if you decide to find it. Cincinnati has been around long enough to have some pretty amazing restaurants, a buzzing nightlife, an excess of green spaces, a cool art scene, and so much more! The immense number of opportunities for fun in Cincinnati provides an expansive list of things to do with your significant other that is more than just going to your local college bar. For your next date pick one of these fun ideas below and explore the beautiful city we live in.

1. Ault Park Picnic 

Ault Park is just a 20-minute drive away from the University of Cincinnati’s main campus. An expansive open green space surrounded by a beautiful view of Cincinnati makes it the perfect place to have a romantic picnic with your significant other. The park has free entrance, and if you are feeling spontaneous you could even do a walking trail! I recommend stopping by Coffee Emporium nearby and grabbing yourself a delicious coffee beforehand. 

2. Cincinnati Ghost Tour

Did you know that Cincinnati has ghost tours? I have done ghost tours in New Orleans and Charleston, and I cannot wait to try this fun date idea in Cincinnati! Cincinnati was founded in 1788 which makes it a city full of spooky history just waiting to be explored! Tours are year-round which means this would be a great summer activity as well as something fun to do in the spooky season. 

3. The Candle Lab

My favorite date idea and a place I take all of my friends when they visit Cincinnati is The Candle Lab! The Candle Lab has locations in both OTR and nearby Anderson Town Center. During this experience, you get to pour your custom scent, make a label for your candle, and pick out the jar your candle will go in. If you go to the OTR location I recommend making a reservation. 

4. Ghost Baby

I just recently experienced Ghost Baby for the first time, and I cannot wait to go back! It is hard to put into words the experience of Ghost Baby, but in short, it was an underground tunnel four stories under Vine Street that has turned into an electric cocktail bar with live music. The vibes of this historic space dating back to the 1850s are unmatched. Heads up you will have to make a reservation a couple of weeks in advance! 

5. Esquire Theatre 

If you are looking for a traditional date with a twist, go to the Esquire Theatre! The Esquire Theatre was opened in 1911 and is just a short walk from the University of Cincinnati’s main campus. The Esquire shows a mixture of old and new movies in a retro setting. After the movie head to Graeter’s down the street and get yourself a milkshake! 

All of these date ideas would be an exciting outing with your significant other, but these also are fun outings custom to Cincinnati that you could do with your friends! Do not fall into the trap of hating the Midwest like so many on TikTok. We have a lot to offer. Find beauty in your everyday life and appreciate the opportunities in the town you live in because you never know where you will end up next!

Abbie Calvert

Cincinnati '23

Abbie Calvert is a forth year Psychology major with a minor in Fashion Design Studies and certificate in Pre-Art Therapy. She loves art, reading, traveling, and hanging out with her cat Lilae.