Campus Celeb: Taylor Krouse

Name: Taylor Krouse

Major: Communication with Public Relations certificate

Year in School: 2nd

Campus Involvements: UCommunicate, PRSSA, and HerCampus

Fun Fact: When I was four I won a mall beauty pageant wearing jean overalls, and I got to go to Chicago for a photoshoot.

Her Campus: What is your favorite organization you are involved in?

Taylor Krouse: UCommunicate! We are a student- based consulting firm here at UC. It’s my first semester being involved, and I’m excited for the experience I’ll gain and for what’s to come.

HC: Wow that sounds really cool! How do you keep balance in your busy life?

TK: I would be completely lost without my planner. Just writing down all the things I need to do in a week helps keep things less chaotic. Also, giving myself some time to chill by watching Netflix and doing a face mask every so often helps.

HC: Planners are such a blessing!! What is your favorite activity?

TK: Probably eating or exploring CIncy or listening to good podcast or watching makeup videos.

HC: What is your favorite thing that you have done at UC?

TK: Meeting a lot of awesome people and realizing what I want to do for a career are two things that stand out as favorites. Also, falling in love with Cincinnati.

HC: So Taylor, what is the best piece of advice you have received?

TK: “You can do anything but not everything”

HC: That is such a good piece of advice, now do you have any advice for younger students?

TK: Don’t spend time stressing over things you cannot control, try new things, and don’t be afraid of failing because it happens.

HC: Finally, what is your dream job/vacation?

TK: My dream job would be to become a PR manager for a fashion brand or company, and my dream vacation would be Santorini, Greece!

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