Budget Halloween Costumes



If you are anything like me, you have been ready for Halloween since November 1 of last year. That’s why, after waiting all this time, you want a costume that is going to ~wow~. Now, we are all in college, and for a lot of us that means some serious budgeting, which can make finding the perfect outfit for the season difficult. However, not to worry. I have compiled a list of bewitching, affordable costumes so you don’t have to! Check out the top five, bargain outfits for this year:

Glam Cowgirl

Ever since seeing Kourtney Kardashian’s glitz take on the southern costume last Halloween, a dazzling cowgirl costume is a prime choice. The best part? You can get all the glam without all the hurt on your wallet. Find or thrift an old pair of jean shorts and a jean jacket, do some DIY sparkle, and you’re all set. 

Thrifted jean jacket               $6

Thrifted jean shorts              $5

Cami top                                $4.95

Diamond rolls                       $8.59

Glue                                       $6.45

Cowboy boots                      Starting at $4   +

                                               Subtotal: $34.99


Coming in hot at spot number four, this costume is a truly classic choice, with the perfect mix of cute and nostalgia. Throw some magic in the mix with a green dress and a DIY take on her classic flats!

Green dress                         $6

Green flats                           $14.99

Cotton balls                         $1.99

Super Glue                           $3.53

Fairy Wings                          $3.95   +

                                             Subtotal: $30.46

Party Animal

Everyone loves a good pun. This Halloween have some fun embracing your wild side with the Party Animal costume! By wearing an all print outfit and a cheerful party hat, you’ll be setting the festive vibes for everyone.

Leopard Print Skirt                         $5

Leopard Print Crop Top                 $4

Leopard Print Slide Sandals         $13

Party Hat                                         $2.50

Cat Ear Headband                          $1   +

                                                         Subtotal: $25.50

Disco Girl

In the coveted number two spot,the Disco Girl look! With a lot of current fashion movements picking up trends from the previous few decades, it inspires one to get back in the time machine for Halloween this year. A disco look is the perfect choice for a flash of fun color and letting loose!

Tie Dye Flare Pants                    $11

Quarter Zip Crop Top                 $9

Chunky heel boots                     From $5      +

                                                     Subtotal: $25

Olive from Easy A

Coming in at number one for most affordable, DIY costumes is Olive from Easy A! Now, I may be biased by my personal choice of this costume circa 2017 but let me tell you: it was a hit. It’s unique enough that no one else will be wearing it, but well known enough for people to get the idea. All you need is to pull on a pair of your black pants (thrift if you don’t have), a sexy black top, some felt, pearls, and shades.

Thrifted black pants               $6

Black corset top                     $8

Pearl necklace                        $1.50

Red Felt                                   $.39

Safety Pin                                $ .11 a piece

Black Sunglasses                   $5

Black Heels                             Starting at $3 +

                                                 Subtotal: $24