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“Boobs, Weens, and Everything in Betweens!” Oh and Eggs. Find it all at BodybyFrost.com or BodyByFrost on Etsy. What started as a comical interaction between sisters has now become a booming business. 

I have never known anyone internet famous. Sure there are those girls from middle school who get a couple of hundred likes on Instagram. But no one I have spent time with has ever gone viral. Until a couple of months ago that is. 

Somehow I got sucked into downloading Tik Tok at the beginning of quarantine. To my surprise, it wasn’t long until I saw a familiar face, my former babysitter. You may think that the for you page put her on my feed because we have something in common, something that ties us together. But we don’t. I haven’t seen Rachel Frost since I was less than 13. I have moved across the country since we last saw each other. We aren’t even in the same age range. Rachel was a childhood babysitter who would draw me pictures of princesses in sparkly gowns and would amuse me by trying to sing my newly made up out of order alphabet. 

She is one of those people whose heart is like a pillow: perfect for battle at a sleepover but also can cushion your head so you can dream. When I saw one of her videos it was a no-brainer to follow her. 

What a great choice I made. A few weeks later Rachel posted a video about making “clay ween earrings” as Christmas presents for her sisters. Unfortunately, when asked, her family agreed they would never wear them (they are “professional” adults, haha). Regardless of their rejection she just couldn’t stop making ween and boob earrings! The video was flooded with comments expressing a desire to purchase the earrings Rachel was fanatically making. What seemed to be without pause, she created an Etsy account and the support was a tidal wave. The copious orders on her page in such a short time triggered Etsy to shadowban her account for fear it was fraudulent. 

You couldn’t search the name directly on the site or even google it. You could only find her page through the link in her TikTok bio.  I felt so disappointed. I saw Rachel genuinely excited, and I saw a community of people on the internet also genuinely excited. But the powers of Etsy worked against her. Unluckily for Etsy, Rachel created her own website to sell her creations. 

What has kept her so popular is her complete customization and inclusivity. She gets orders for different skin tones, sizes, shapes. You can specify what kind of nipple each breast has. People have added freckles, moles, and more. She has made tri-boob earrings, butts with underwear on and without. She expanded beyond earrings to include, magnets, keychains, necklaces, and pins to include everyone. You can join me in smiling at her videos still as she takes us through her journey of creating people’s personal requests by uploading frequently on her TikTok account.

Rhyannon Baxter

Cincinnati '21

University of Cincinnati undergrad, a double major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies and Psychology.
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