The Best Shots for Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aquarius: Jägerbomb

Aquarians tend to be deep-thinkers and hate dull experiences. Jagerbombs definitely make for an exciting and energetic night!

2. Pisces: Fruit Loop Shot

Compassionate and friendly, Pisces love to help others without expecting anything in return. Fruit Loop shots get you tipsy without feeling sick (thanks!).

3. Aries: Fireball

Aries are known to be confident, energetic, and, well, fiery (no pun intended). Fireball definitely has a strong personality that you can smell from a mile away and taste for an hour after.

4. Taurus: Lemon Drop Shot

Practicality and reliability are two traits that the Taurus sign and lemon drop shots have in common. Lemon drop shots never let you down!

5. Gemini: Jell-O Shot

Geminis are outgoing and ready for fun, with a tendency to become serious and thoughtful. You never know what you’re going to get. Same goes for Jell-O shots; sometimes they are just sweet and fruity and other times, too strong to handle.

6. Cancer: Red, White, and Blue Firecracker Shot

Loyal and caring toward their friends and family, a patriotic firecracker shot is perfect for the Cancer zodiac; and not to mention, 4th of July happens during their months!

7. Leo: Girl Scout Cookie Shot

Leos are born leaders. What better shot for a leader than one named after a leader creating organization! Leos are also hard to resist, just like Girl Scout Cookie Shots.

8. Virgo: Straight Rum

Let’s get straight to the point. At least that’s what a Virgo would do, which makes straight rum the perfect shot. There is no wasting time here.

9. Libra: Gummy Bear Shot

Libras are cooperative and try to keep the peace among people. Gummy bear shots are for sure a crowd pleaser. I have never heard of someone turning down a gummy bear shot.

10.  Scorpio: Tequila

Scorpios are brave, determined, and assertive. I’m not sure if anyone has heard of taking a shot of tequila, but believe me, it is very assertive and determined to make you forget the night.

11. Sagittarius: Slippery Nipple

If you are a Sagittarius then you probably have a great sense of humor, and would order this shot just to get a chuckle out of it. Even though it sounds silly, the slippery nipple is still a great tasting shot made with butterscotch and Bailey’s.

12. Capricorn: Gin

Capricorns are responsible and traditional. Gin is definitely a bit of an acquired taste, but is a traditional liquor choice for more serious drinkers. Did I mention that Queen Elizabeth II has Gin in her favorite drink?



*Her Campus Cincinnati doesn't condone underage drinking in any way, but if you're twenty-one, we definitely think collegiettes a night off to go out and drink a few drinks is well deserved! 


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