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Behind the Scenes at DAAP’s show The Body Mantle

October 30 was a big day for UC students in DAAP. The Body Mantle project required students to create wearable art out of 100+ everyday objects. They walked their creations down the runway for the judges and audience. This event was so big that there were even snapchat filters for it! I myself being in DAAP was able to capture some behind the scenes pics. 

Below: The days in class leading up to the show we had to model our projects to for our peers. 

After putting the last touches on we were ready. Here are some of the final products! 

These, of course, are just a few of the incredible outfits and sculptures that were featured in the show. I want to congratulate everyone involved on a job well done! 

Carolyn Schultz is a first year at the University of Cincinnati, as well as a Kappa Kappa Gamma. All the way from Texas, she  came here for the DAAP program and is studying Fine Arts with a Marketing minor. Carolyn enjoys laughing, drawing, and of course writing. You can follow her on instagram @Carriecschultz  
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