Artistically Articulate: Amber Klinger

Name: Amber Klinger

Year and Major: 4th year Architecture Major

Campus Involvement:  Chi Omega Sorority, President of American Institute of Architecture Students

Fun Fact: Co-Oped in California for three rotations and plans to live there after graduation

Typical Bedtime: Between 1 and 4 a.m.

Her Campus University of Cincinnati: Hey Amber, thanks for meeting with me today! It’s no secret that it’s hard to find time outside of your major sometimes. That being said, those of us who aren’t in DAAP may not be familiar with it. As an Architecture major, what does your daily schedule look like?

Amber Klinger: Some semesters are harder than others, but we have studio from 1:30 to 5 p.m. most days every semester. That’s seven total studios.

​HCUC: That’s a lot of work! What’s a studio like?

AK: So instead of bookwork, DAAP students design. We work with 3D programs and work with our hands a lot. Something that is really different about DAAP is that instead of having tests like most students, we have critiques with a group of people; classmates, professors and professionals our professors bring in. In DAAP there are no wrong answers, it’s all based on opinions.

HCUC: That’s really different from most majors, I can definitely see how that could be stressful. So you spend a lot of time in your studio then?

AK: Yeah! Usually a typical student will spend anywhere from 50 to 70 hours a week in DAAP between classes and doing homework. The relationships with our professors are very relaxed and it’s a great environment to be around.

HCUC: That’s a lot of hours! What style of architecture is your favorite, and who’s your favorite architect? And then do you have a favorite project?

AK: My favorite type of architecture is contemporary architecture and my favorite architect is Zaha Hadid. I also like designing more conceptual architecture for my studios. My favorite project was the boathouse project. We used tectonics to design the entire site and buildings. My concept came from shining light around surfaces and watching the shadows interact with each other and the objects around the shadow.

HCUC: What do you like most about co-oping?

AK: I’ve grown close to so many amazing and unique people on co-op and the hardest part is leaving them behind. However, I love adventuring and exploring on co-op. I’ve done so many cool things like kayaking with sharks, hiking to the Hollywood sign, and camping on a small island in the middle of the Pacific with no electricity.

​HCUC: That’s awesome, it sounds like you really enjoy it. What else do you do outside of your schoolwork?

AK: I love it. I love having the freedom of being creative and working with my hands. As far as my involvement, I’m actually the President of American Institute of Architecture. It’s basically a networking opportunity for students to interact with the adult members of AIA, and we also do Sharetts, kind of like design workshops where students have opportunities to be more creative.

HCUC: That sounds really cool, definitely a great way to network and build relationships. I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me!

AK: Thank you!