7 Ways Having Social Anxiety is Like Living in a Horror Film

Fall is here and you know what that means: pumpkin spice and everything nice and scary. That’s right! It’s time for bumps in the night, haunted houses and horror films. Sweaty palms, pounding heartbeats and the need to hide under your blanket are not just symptoms of watching scary movies. People with social anxiety relate all too well to those feelings. In fact, they feel that way just going through their daily routine. So sit back, get some popcorn and try to relax as we unveil the ways living with social anxiety is like a never ending horror film.

1. Answering the phone makes your stomach drop.There are so many things to worry about when answering the phone. What do I say? What if I can’t hear them? What if they don’t hear me? What if there is a long and awkward time of silence? Please save me the stress and just text.

2. Falling asleep is a nightmare in itself.This is when your brain decides to remind you of all your regrets and ghosts of the past.Brain: “You sounded really stupid today when you were talking to your friend.”You: “I did…”Brain: “Let me tell you everything you should have said then we can talk about that time you were eight.”

3. Being called on in class is torture.Why? Just why? Was my hand raised? No. Do you enjoy seeing my face turn the color of a tomato and the soft sound of my stuttering voice? Please just let me sit here and listen.

4. Giving a speech might just be the end of the world.Just give me a zero. That is all I have to say.

5. Enjoying your alone time.Many people feel that a good night involves staying up all night, going to parties and meeting new people.  However, I think there is nothing better than having a "do nothing" weekend and throwing a “me party”. No one gets me better than my dark room and Netflix.  

6. Freaking out when you have a visitor at the door that you were not expecting.Maybe if I don’t move, they won’t know I’m here.

7. Other people don’t always understand what you’re feeling.People think it’s all in our heads and tell us to just not worry about it. Thank you but if you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t work. Just remember if you’re suffering from social anxiety, that you’re not alone and it will be ok!