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5 Things Every Bride or Future Bride Should Know

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cincinnati chapter.
As if watching Bride Wars, Bridesmaids and those addicting shows like Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress didn’t make me love the world of bridal shows and weddings, being a dresser for the 2015 Bridalrama surely made me excited for that special moment of “I Do”. On January 31st and February 1st I had the pleasure of being a dresser for the 2015 Bridalrama fashion show at Duke Energy Center. The fashion show was hosted by Splendid Bridal who provided the beautiful dresses. My job as a dresser for the show was to help get the models in and out of their dresses. Some of the dresses had a corset back which made the process of quick changes difficult but, the outcome was stunning. The dresses looked great on the models and showcased many different details including all lace dresses, beaded dresses, and even short dresses.
The fashion show was presented in themes with corresponding dresses. The themes for the show were Traditional Wedding, Winter Wedding, Barn Wedding, The Roaring 20’s, and Beach Wedding. My favorite category was the winter category because the dresses were adorned with classic beading and even accessorized with fur shawls. One of the winter dresses worn by Erin was a beautiful ball gown, which was adorned with red flower details on a tulle skirt. All and all, my experience as a dresser for Bridalrama was definitely hard work- I have the blisters to prove it but without a doubt it was worth it!
By working backstage I learned a lot. Here are the top 5 things every bride or future bride needs to know.
1. Corset backs are beautiful…BUT they are time consuming to lace up and to take off. If you were planning on doing any clothing changes at the wedding I would re think the corset back!
2. Dresses with ruching or a fabric overlay are very flattering on anybody. Strategically placed ruching or overlay can cover any problem area and make the bride feel beautiful.
3. One does not always have to go the traditional route when selecting a dress. Before the show I had always envisioned myself in a white dress but having seen the beautiful dress with the red flower details made me broaden my horizon. Colored wedding dresses can say “bride” just as much as the traditional white dress.
4. Accessories are a must! Having the perfect accessory for ones wedding dress can really tie ones theme together. For example, if your theme is the roaring 20s, don’t be afraid to add a fun head piece and pearls.
5. Last but not least, everyone can look stunning in a wedding dress!




For more on Bridalrama, feel free to visit their facebook page with lots more photos and information! Visit https://www.facebook.com/splendidbridal


Temple is a second year fashion design major at the University of Cincinnati. In her spare time you can find her baking cupcakes, spending way too much time on her phone or shopping. Besides being apart of HC Cincinnati she also works part time at the DAAP library. 
Campus Correspondent and founder of Her Campus Cincinnati. Tyasia is a 5th year Spanish & Marketing student (sadly!). Lover of all things plaid! When she's not sipping on margaritas or eating mangos, she's jet setting around the world (All time favorite place: Guatemala!) Tyasia plans to make New York City her home sweet home after graduation to pursue a International or Fashion PR career! Keep up with her on Twitter @tyjenksss