4 Things to Do When You Don't Want to Go Out

Ahh... Friday, we’ve only been waiting for you a whole week! We can’t wait to relax and have fun while trying not to think about the work load you have for the upcoming week.

Your group snapchat is discussing the game plan for the evening. But wait, do you want to go out again? There are many reasons why some would rather have a chill night versus going to Uncle Woody’s or Ladder 19. It gets expensive to pay for an Uber, alcohol, and drunk food! So, here is a list of ideas to do instead of going out and then dealing with your terrible hangover that next day.

1. Order Take Out and catch up on Netflix

Honestly, who doesn’t like Netflix? I personally could dedicate an entire evening lying in bed in my favorite jammies watching Netflix. Plus, Netflix has recently been removing a lot of their older films, so hurry and watch the ones on your bucket list before they disappear! Need a new series? My favorites are the infamous Gossip Girl, Private Practice, 90210, Girlboss, Shameless, and The Ranch. Currently, I'm finishing up Riverdale before my roommates (accidentally) ruin it for me. Order some take out - Mr. Sushi on McMillan has the best Sunday Morning Rolls, FYI - get in your comfy clothes and have a relaxation filled evening!

2. Go to Kenwood Mall

The very first time I went to Kenwood, I got lost; it’s so big! And it has pretty much every store you could possibly think of. Not to mention they have a phenomenal food court. Grab a friend and head to the mall for a fun night. As previously mentioned, going out can be expensive, but I would much rather spend money at the mall on a cute outfit. P.S. park at Dillard’s and you’ll be able to find your car faster afterwards!

3. Work out

Alright, I know this one doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but when have you ever been upset about choosing to exercise? Exactly. It’s a great way to get ahead and get in shape while the Campus Recreation Center isn’t as packed! Also, Netflix has yoga and pilates videos that are awesome!

4. Grab a book and take a bubble bath

I know that on top of all your class work, the last thing you may want to do is grab a book, but according to The Telegraph, reading can reduce stress levels by 68%. I recommend reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, as you may find lots of great Instagram captions in it :) Plus, what could be more relaxing than a steamy, warm bubble bath with your favorite bath bomb from LUSH?

So now you have some of my ideas ladies! Have fun with them!




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