13 Things to Try in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds, was famous for its meat-packing industry and speakeasies back in the day, and is known for its German influence and Flying Pigs. Whether you've lived here your whole life or just moved here for college, Cincinnati has a lot to offer for both its old souls and the new ones. Here are a few things (out of many) that you can do in Cincinnati whenever boredom strikes: 

  1. Bubble tea from Tea n’ Bowl is the best. I highly recommend the coconut, earl grey, matcha, and almond flavors.

  2. Try Graeter’s famous Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream with a friend, and see who can find the largest chocolate chip. 

  3. Sign up for and attend a meeting of a club that interests you (Her Campus included). 

  4. If you’re a fan of gyro (and even if you’re not) Cincy Steak and Lemonade on Short Vine has amazing gyro, fries, and frozen lemonade. 

  5. Create your own candle at The Candle Lab. They have some amazing scents and some weird ones. Brag about a delicious smelling candle you made, or prank your friends with a mix of bacon, green tea, and chocolate scents. 

  6. Take a break from classes to go to the Cincinnati Art Museum in Eden Park and guess the prices of each piece of artwork. 

  7. Go to the Newport aquarium and ask an employee if any of the fish are for sale because seafood sounds good for dinner. Just kidding; that probably wouldn’t end well. 

  8. People watch in Fountain Square and make up a life story for each person that crosses your path. 

  9. Spend a day roaming Cincinnati and count how many flying pig statues you find.

  10. Scream your heart out at a Bengals or Reds game. Don't worry, everyone else will be screaming their hearts out too. 

  11. Order both Skyline and Gold Star, and try them both blindfolded to see for yourself which one is better. Maybe you’ll be a traitor to Cincinnati’s own chili, or maybe not. 

  12. Go on a prohibition tour of the city, and see all the breweries that took part in the "Prohibition Resistance".

  13. If you're in the mood to workout, climb the Cincinnati hillside steps. According to Soapbox Cincinnati, there's over 400 of them. If you can do all that, then you're pretty much set for life. Here is a link to see live documentation of all the steps and where they are located.