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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Girl With Natural Hair

1. What do you put in your hair to make it look curly?

Water….. yup that’s about it. The only other thing natural girls put in their hair is oils so that their hair does not become dry or brittle due to the ever changing weather.

2. What are you mixed with? I’ve never seen a girl like you with curly hair?

Curly hair does not only belong to people of mixed race, the curls and the lack there of are based on two factors: your face shape and the texture of your hair. People with round and oval faces usually have curly hair.

3. Your hair is just so big, how do you even handle it?

Big hair is wonderful!!! Some even say it’s full of secrets. I think if the bigness of the hair doesn’t bother who it belongs to than it defiantly shouldn’t bother you.

4. Don’t you think your hair is unprofessional?

Thankfully we live in a time where jobs are more relaxed with the personal preferences that we have when it comes to our outer appearance.. so no I’m not worried about.

5. I could NEVER wear my hair like that!

That is completely fine, YOU DO YOU BOO!!! But let me worry about the wonderful kinks and coils growing out of my head because I love them!

6. Do you even brush your hair?

Yes yes YES I do brush my hair but only when its wet otherwise I would be rocking an afro ( which is totally a cute option too)

7. Your hair is just soooo fluffy!

Fluffy is someone’s cat name not something that grows out of my head NATURALLY!!!

8. You must have “good” hair because mine could never look like that!

Let’s get this straight, there is no such thing as having “good hair”. If you take proper care of it and learn what does and doesn’t work for YOUR hair type then not only will it become healthier and grow but also your hair will become more manageable .

9. Can I touch your hair? It’s just so different than mine.

If you aren’t super close friends with the person you’re asking this to then let me give you some advice…DON’T!! Not only would it be awkward for you to ask but think about the recipient of this cringe worthy question.

10. Touching a natural girl’s hair WITHOUT asking!!

Ummmm excuse me but I don’t think I invited your fingers to invade the top of my head like that !!!!!!!

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Maya Odom


Maya Odom is a journalism Major at the University of Cincinnati. If she's not at at some type of music festival you can find her at an art museum, theater or looking at the latest trends on the runway. She holds boybands in a special place in her heart right next to Netflix.