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10 Reasons Why UC is Better than Xavier

The University of Cincinnati students, faculty, and fans are more than ready to see Xavier crumble in the famous Crosstown Shootout game this Wednesday and to show how pumped we are for this big event, we have come up with some reasons as to why UC is MUCH better than Xavier.

Not only are we going to beat Xavier in the Crosstown Shootout, but in our Her Campus competition with the ladies at Her Campus Xavier.  Help us win by going to our Facebook page and liking our link to this article! 


Here are 10 reasons why The University of Cincinnati is better than Xavier.

1.  We have a football team.

What school doesn’t have one of America’s most popular sports? That doesn’t sound very American if you ask me.


2. We invented co-op.

UC invented an organization that is providing paid jobs and internships for students all around the country. You’re welcome.



3. Our campus is beautiful too.

4. We have Greek life. 

UC has a total of 37 sororities and fraternities.  Individually, they raise money for their own philanthropies, but together they raised over $66,000 this year for Cincinnati Children’s.


5. Our mascot isn’t the blue blob.

We still aren’t really sure what that thing is.  And, it’s a little bit creepy.


6.  Our president is AWESOME.

Who doesn’t love President Santa Ono?  It’s pretty cool to say our president walks around campus daily saying hello to students and joining in on all the fun. It’s like he is a student himself! Plus, he crowd surfs.


7. We have the best-ranked Campus Recreation Center in the country.

With over 200,00 square feet of recreation facilities, there is a juice bar, climbing wall, three swimming pools, and much more included.  Not only is our rec free for students and faculty, memberships are available for the general public. 




8. Our school is full of talent.

With the combination of the schools of DAAP and CCM, the arts is well represented at UC.   Students come from all over the world to join the DAAP and CCM programs because they are that awesome. Students from CCM have perfromed with world renowned orchestras while students from DAAP put on a fashion show at the end of every year that is sponsered by Macy’s.


9. Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell…We have it all.

Aside from our dining halls, we have our food court and other locations on campus with the best of the best retail dining selections. Also, there are so many other restaurants that are incredibly close to campus that you will never go hungry. 

10. Correction, This is OUR town.

Our university is named after this beautiful city we share. You can’t beat that hence the name #hottestcollegeinamerica.


Morgan is a third year at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Communication.  From the start, she has always loved to read and write but now being able to do it at UC means so much more.  She aspires to work in editing or publishing one day and being an editor of HerCampus Cincinnati is definitely helping her pursue those lifelong dreams!  "Dwell in Possibility." -Emily Dickinson