Sophomore Fernando Soriano and The Sustainable Impact Team Work to Divest Chatham

Name: Fernando Soriano

Year: Class of 2019

Major: Biology

Her Campus Chatham: What organizations are you involved with?

Fernando Soriano: CSG, SIT, CFC, and Relay For Life Committee--among others.

What does SIT stand for? What are its goals?

The Sustainable Impact Team is a student activist group with a focus on sustainability.

What is the goal of divestment?

The goal of divestment is largely to stigmatize the fossil fuel industry and to divest or remove investments tied to said industry and placing them elsewhere, preferably sustainable ones.

How can students get involved?

We have a Facebook page that anyone can join for more information and updates. Additionally we have weekly meetings to talk and strategize.

What made you choose Chatham?

I chose Chatham largely because of its mission for creating a more sustainable world. I wanted to be able to learn with a small but close knit community

What's your favorite thing about Chatham?

My favorite thing (and perhaps least favorite at times) is that you practically know everyone and they know you. Everyone is very caring and engaged as well.