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Pennsylvania Museum Will Host an Event Based on “Legends of the Hidden Temple”

In the year of 2016, it seems as if we can’t escape the resurgence of the 90’s that has taken over pop culture like a Lisa Frank filled plague set to the tune of a Nirvana track. If you’re not a fan, look away now. If you (like me) are embracing the 90’s take over of pop culture, I’ve got some news for you.
Fans of 90’s Nick television seem to always in some way sneak in at least a mention of the game show “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Back in the 90’s, “Legends of the Hidden Temple” was known as an action-adventure type of game show where children competed to find the Olmec Head’s hidden artifacts and answer questions based on history, mythology, and geography. The show ran from 1993 to 1995, with re-runs being aired until 1998. Recently, Nickelodeon announced that they will be releasing a “Legends of the Hidden Temple” TV movie based off of the game show.
However, if your sense of hype is already up and you can’t wait that long for the movie to air, or even if you aren’t a fan of the original show and you’re looking for something to do after the semester is over, “Legends of the Hidden Temple” may actually be coming to you. The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology near Philadelphia will be hosting an event based on the beloved children’s game show in 3 weeks. 
In effort to stay true to the game, attendees will be split into teams and perform physical and mental challenges revolving around history, and you can expect there to be temple guards- if you get caught answering a question wrong, you’re out of the game!
The doors will open on April 20th from 6pm to 8 pm. Tickets for the event are about $20 and are available for purchase as of now. 
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