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Our Top Ten Favorite TV Teachers


From amazing vocalists to outstanding English professors, Chatham University is simply stuffed (or rather staffed) with the best instructors imaginable! Every day, both in and out of the classroom, they provide us with unforgettable lessons.

Whether we admit it, our teachers mean more to us than we often think. That’s why teachers on television are some of the most crucial characters in a series and are sometimes the very last to leave our minds! So, in honor of the Fall 2012 semester, here are Her Campus Chatham’s Top Ten TV Teachers.

10. Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus
She didn’t fly on a broomstick like her Hogwarts contemporaries. Instead, she had a magic school bus that could do just about anything (talk about one tricked-out muggle ride, Potter fans!). A sort of redheaded Mary Poppins, each school day was an unbelievable adventure for her students, from traveling through a friend’s internal organs to visiting the planet Mars, and we were always along for the ride.

9. Mr. Belding, Saved By the Bell
The primary teacher from one of the Nineties’ most memorable high school sitcoms, Mr. Belding made sure to keep his students in check! With his pressed ties and determined attitude, he was always the man to figure out what was going on there.

8. Lydia Grant, Fame
Famous dancer and choreographer Debbie Allen brought dance teacher Lydia Grant to life in this pre-Glee TV series. A picture of pure elegance and gumption, she would drill her students until they were truly ready for the big time.

7. Miss Helen Crump, The Andy Griffith Show
There’s no doubt about it: Helen Crump was the kindest and prettiest teacher in all of Mayberry! Patient and diligent with each of her students, including the ever-curious Opie Taylor, Helen was always open to her students’ new ideas, even allowing them to incorporate modern dance into a school performance. This Southern instructor has left enough of a lasting impression to even become one of many stars in the “family film to thriller” trend on YouTube.

6. Hilda and Zelda, Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Who didn’t want this quirky duo to teach them the fine arts of potion brewing and spell making when they were younger? The ultimate “cool aunts,” Hilda and Zelda were always stepping in to keep Sabrina out of trouble. Independent and caring, they were great role models for both their young niece and young female viewers.

5. Bill Nye, Bill Nye the Science Guy
Sometimes we’d fall asleep during science class; other times we’d doodle. But when the wacky, bowtie-wearing scientist came on screen, we were all ears. From Bill Nye, I personally learned important things about the animal kingdom. Ironically, the series’ owner – Disney – also broadcast Aladdin, which convinced me, when I was about three or so, that jackals were shape-shifting, girlfriend-eating demons. Thanks a lot, Disney.

4. Bobby Singer, Supernatural
You’d have to be an “idjit” not to love this whiskey-drinking mentor of Sam and Dean Winchester’s! Their ultimate go-to guy for all their adventures, Bobby’s always ready with an arsenal of magical weapons and knowledge. Although Sam and Dean have had their fair share of daddy issues, Castiel and Bobby have been the best surrogate parents around.

3. Mr. Feeny, Boy Meets World
This sage professor is perhaps the most famous of TV teachers, not only fondly remembered in our hearts, but in modern memes and comics, too. Always ready with a wise anecdote or to help his students out of any sticky situations, Mr. Feeny was one of our toughest and most beloved mentors growing up. Any Nineties kid will confess to having learned at least 50% of life lessons from classes with Cory and Shawn. 

2. Will Schuester, Glee
A teacher that any true underdog can connect with, Will Schuester himself is a less-than-popular instructor at dog-eat-dog McKinley High. Even so, he continues to reach for his own Broadway dreams while inspiring the kids of New Directions. The fact that he would help them put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show and perform “Dream On” with Neal Patrick Harris is just a bonus.

1. Arthur Fonzarelli, Happy Days
Everyone’s favorite Jefferson High School instructor and all-around cool guy, the Fonz became a shop teacher in Season 8 of the iconic 1980s sitcom. And did he wear his signature leather jacket into the classroom? Correct-o-mundo!

Just for Fun –
Don’t forget to check out this cool quiz from Seventeen! “Which TV Class Would You Ace?” Find out! (Quite pleasantly, I was told that I would ace Mr. Schue’s Spanish class.)


HerCampus Chatham's Entertainment Writer, Onastasia Youssef graduated from high school in 2010 and entered Chatham University the same year. Although she majors in Art History and English, she has always had a passion for music journalism. She hopes to engage her readers with exciting stories that will broaden their knowledge of musical genres and provide them with the very latest in the entertainment world. Random Fun Facts: Favorite Movie - The Avengers Favorite Album - No Fences Favorite Color - Blue Favorite Food - Yogurt (yes, yogurt)
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