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How I Utilize My Planner

How I Utilize My Planner



This is my planner! It has super cute owls on it and I like to think I am the red-orange one that just stands out. My mentor got this one for me from Plum Paper. There are other great planner making companies such as Erin Condren or Kate Spade, but if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a planner you can get cheap ones from places like Target.

My planner has both the monthly and weekly spreads. I like to use my monthly spread to write down events, projects, tests and quizzes, and bigger assignments for classes. This lets me see how busy I’ll be on any particular day.

As for the weekly spread, I write down any homework I have on the day that it is due.

I use different colors for the different classes I have. For example, my Linguistics class is in orange. Anytime I complete a homework assignment, I draw a line through it. This is to let myself know that it is done and ready to turn in whenever.


Then I use the sides to write down any to-dos for that week and list of quizzes and tests with their dates next to them. I write the quizzes and tests in their respective class colors.


If there are any homework assignments I need a bit more information on, I write them on a sticky note. I got some fat cat sticky notes from the Kawaii Pen Store on Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love them so much!

Lastly, I like to use stickers on my planner. My mentor was nice enough to put two pages of stickers in my planner. They’re  a cute way to label. I’ve already used one “No Class” sticker on this monthly spread for Labor Day and I already feel like my planner is brought to life.


My really love my planner. It keeps me on track, and it’s fun to use and personalize. Consider getting or using one if you haven’t already.  


Iyanna is an English and Creative Writing major at Chatham University. You can follow Iyanna's Instagram @lively_bones where she pretty much posts selfies and crafts, or you can follow her Studyblr @studymydeer.
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