An Honest Review of Tarte’s Tartist Pro Palette

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

    If you obsessively stalk beauty culture as I do, you know that Tarte has been launching new products like never before. Even though some launches have been less successful than others, (I’m side eying you, Shape Tape foundation. Why do we have 46 variations of “light sand” but no shades for POC?) Tarte’s eyeshadow palettes have always been a staple in my collection. After HerCampus sent us a new Tartist Pro Palette, I knew I had to try it out.

    The palette is medium-sized, and I’d consider it great for travel. The packaging is classic Tarte – matte black and gold lettering. I’m not a huge fan of the matte black because of fingertips, but if you can keep it clean, this palette definitely looks expensive.




When opening the palette, I noticed the vast amount of warm, purpley-nude shades, which are my absolute favorite for winter and spring. There are 20 shadows in the palette, with 16 mattes and 4 shimmers. The blue shimmer at the bottom, called Trendy, is actually an iridescent, and shifts between purple and teal. There’s a good variety of other shades, definitely enough to create a different look every time you open the palette. I circled my favorite shades in the picture below.

As for application, these are by no means the most pigmented shadows I’ve owned. In fact, the shadows I use from my Morphe palettes are much more pigmented, have more shadows, and are half the price. Despite this, the Tarte shadows blend like a dream. On days where I have no time at all, I can swipe a maroon shade over my lid, buff it for two seconds, and look like I’ve spent hours blending out my eyeshadow. In addition to how well the shadows blend, the shimmers are absolutely beautiful on their own and don’t require wet application like many shimmers do. My favorite shade of the shimmers is Glam, circled in the picture above. It’s the perfect subtle gold – enough for an everyday look without looking like too much.

Would I recommend this palette? Yes, if you’re looking for a nice warm spring palette. Only wear eyeshadow every so often, or prefer brown nudes? Then no. There are cheaper options available and the colors in this palette are pretty subdued, but not enough if you prefer a natural look. Though, if you’re just getting into makeup and are looking for a beginners’ palette, this would be great because of how easy it is to blend. Or, if you’re like me, and have a makeup collection – the Tartist Pro Palette is another great launch from Tarte and has some super fun shades to play with.