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HC Exeter Letter to Chatham


Dear HC Chatham,

Over the pond at HC Exeter, we couldn’t be more excited to have HC Chatham as our new Sister Chapter – and I’m so excited to work closely with Mara, your President!

HC Exeter is still a fairly new chapter as we only launched in January 2011, but since then we’ve created a bit of a storm in the HC world as we’ve become one of the largest and most successful chapters. Last year, we had about 100 girls on our team, which was so much fun. We have regular socials, where we go for lunch, coffee, have cake or even go for cocktails (the drinking age over here is 18 remember!). We meet every other week at one of our favourite cocktail bars to discuss our articles, assign deadlines and come up with some great, exciting promo ideas.

We’re so excited to learn what life is like at HC Chatham, and to share what our campus is like over here! Exeter is a small town in the South-West of England. We’re meant to get the best weather in England, but I’m not sure that we always do.  I asked the HC Exeter team what they thought the best things about Exeter are and they reminded me just how wonderful it really is. We have such a beautiful, new campus; it’s really green and it’s a lovely place to walk around in a spare hour between lectures. And, fun fact from us, our campus has the most trees per student in the UK! Exeter is right in the middle of the countryside, so it’s great to get out of the city at the weekend with friends and go for a walk. What’s even better is that in the summer we’re only half an hour from the beach: we can top up our tans without even going very far!

Oh, and J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, is an alumnus of Exeter University – and it’s even said that she based some of the locations in the book on our campus and the town itself. You’ll often here students saying “that’s Gandy Street, it’s meant to be Diagon Alley!” as they show their friends or parents around town.

Your British sisters over here can’t wait to hear all about you, your campus and your HC Chapter. We’re already looking forward to reading your first Cross Ocean Interview (coming soon girls!).

Lots of HC Love from across the pond,


Lauren Hudson

Lauren is the President/Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Exeter, as well as the Manager of UK Expansion and a National Writer for HerCampus.com. While she has worked with Her Campus Exeter it has achieved Pink Chapter Level status and has grown to its current status as one of the most successful chapters internationally. She's determined to grow Her Campus in the UK this year and so is looking foward to working on increasing the number of HC UK chapters and to helping the established chapters improve and develop. This summer she was lucky enough to intern in the Her Campus Head Office in Boston, and had the most amazing time -- any time she can go back, she will! In her spare time Lauren loves to play tennis, catch up with her friends, go for long walks in the Scottish countryside or to watch chick-flicks under her duvet. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @laurenhudson25.
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