A Fond Farewell: Closing Remarks from an Outgoing CC

I first joined Her Campus as the CC for our chapter. I had no experience writing for HC and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had been the Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper and had written for local magazines, but Her Campus required way more than just writing experience--or even leadership and editing experience. I had to learn how to create and foster community and sisterhood. Which would have been easy at Chatham, except for the fact that we were going co-ed. Suddenly, Her Campus Chatham became way more critical. HC is usually an organization that, on co-ed campuses, provides a safe community for women to express themselves and be empowered. At Chatham, that was somehting that the whole school did. Once we went co-ed, Her Campus became one of the few student organizations with those commitments anymore. What used to be marketed on campus as just another publication, became something much more. It was the closest thing we had to a sorority--the best way for women to have their voices heard. 

The last two years haven't been easy. There's been a lot of work to do and most of it hasn't been easy. But in the end, I'm grateful for my time as the CC for Chatham. And I feel very confident in the team for next year. It's never easy to say goodbye to something, but having now graduated, I know there's a lot more work for me to do outside of Chatham. I'm excited to take the lessons I learned with HC and other student organizations, and apply them elsewhere. It's something I'll never forget, and always be grateful for. Thank you Her Campus. I can't imagine my college experience without you.