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As humans, we are overwhelmed with media every second of every day. Specifically for women, a lot of this media can overwhelm us with images of a beautifully contoured femme women with large lips, and long full eyelashes. Some women feel the heat of these images and adhere to these ideals, some enjoy genuinely expressing themselves this way (and they should feel right in doing so!), others ignore these messages and choose to follow their own path. Though if you’re someone who pays attention to the internet you have probably questioned the existence of false lashes.

How do you put them on? Are the heavy? Can you see? Does the glue itch? Why would you spend your money on that? Do they give you confidence? There are countless questions a curious person could ask surrounding the subject of fake lashes. This week, I decided to try to answer some of them. For this life experiment I used the Ardell Demi Wispies style, a brand that came highly recommended by the YouTube beauty community.

Day 1: After watching a few application tutorials I began the getting ready process about 40 minutes before I went to work, and 30 minutes of that ended up dedicating itself to applying the false lashes. Eventually, I ran out of time and had to leave for work, with my haphazard lashes barely hanging on. On the drive the left flaked off, to which I responded with by ripping the right off and losing it somewhere in my car.

Day 2: I managed to get the lashes on in time for work (which is hosting at pizza place/bar). However, either due to my sweat, running around, or poor gluing skills (maybe a combination of all three) I lost the left lash after an hour and a half.

Day 3: Both lashes were successfully applied within 12 minutes and my manager at work did compliment my makeup. Though, they still did not make it through an entire six-hour shift.

Day 4: Once again, application went quicker. I did not wear my falsies to work, instead I wore them on a date. A date on which I am 100% sure my boyfriend did not notice any change in my appearance at all.

Overall Opinion: First of all, as a woman and general human I think it is important to say that makeup should be something that gives you confidence and brings you overall enjoyment, not a burden or something you do merely to impress other people. That being said, I really didn’t see that great of a difference between my falsies and my own mediocre lashes. I blame this result on me purchasing a rather “natural” looking pair of lashes. Though, I did really like how I looked, I think the lashes made my eyes “pop” more, but I would not wear them on a daily basis. They really weren’t that uncomfortable, they’re a little unsettling at first, but easy to get used to and are not heavy or cumbersome. All in all, I would say that they’re a fun way to add a little va-voom to your makeup and that when bothering to take the time to wear them, go big or go home with a fun/glamorous pair.

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