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Courses to Give You an International Adventure Without Leaving Campus

Staying on campus this semester? You can still get a global education by taking any one of these internationally-oriented courses!

ART132 History of World Art II: 1400 to Present 

If you could spend hours at the Carnegie Museum of Art, this is for you. The course incorporates work from both Western and non-Western cultures, so you’ll get a broad survey of global artistic history.

BUS240 International Business

Dive into international trade, including strategy, product development and finance. If you ever dream of working outside the United States, this course will help prepare you for the transition.

CST213 Special Topics: Silk Screen Asian Film Festival 

The Silk Screen Festival brings the work of Asian filmmakers to Pittsburgh audiences. Evaluate the work from a cultural studies perspective with Dr. Kingsbury.

CST234 Asian Foodways 

Are you a foodie? You’ll savor this course on the culinary traditions of Asia. 

ECN262 Global Environmental Economics 

For environmental advocacy to be successful, it needs to be grounded in global economic realities. Understand the economics behind environmental policy in this ENV course.

ENG425 Bleak Houses: Shifting Landscapes of the English Novel 

You don’t need a TARDIS to explore England’s literary history! Travel all the way back to the 1850s, then work your way up to the writing of modern-day English authors.

ENG449 Exiles 

According to the course description, “This course will examine the 20th-century condition of exile in relation to its different configurations, from European émigrés to postcolonial subjects to experiences of exile in the United States, to the relation of exile to Diaspora (African, Indian, and Jewish).”

HIS100 Introduction to World History 
You may have taken World History in high school, but you won’t have the full experience until you’ve studied it at Chatham! Dr. Sène studied and taught extensively all over the world, so you’re sure to get an incredible intellectual journey around the globe.
HIS205W Africa, Past and Present 
Discover Africa’s history and explore its modern development with Dr. Sène. This course is the prerequisite for the Maymester trip to South Africa.
HIS215 Industry & the Working Class in Europe & America 
Take a Friday shuttle to the Waterfront, and you’ll ride past the remains of Pittsburgh’s industrial past. Whether you’re calling the ‘Burgh your home for four years or for life, this course will help you understand how global industrial innovations shaped our city, the United States, and the world.
MUS266 World Music
Expand your cultural understanding while building the ultimate Spotify playlist. This course covers a number of major civilizations – both Western and non-Western – to give you a broad view of global music history.
PED126 Oriental Sword
Need a PED credit? Spend mornings learning “Japanese sword and staff techniques”. You’ll boost your physical health while looking really, really cool.
POL213 Special Topics: European Union: Identity and Policy 
Study the politics of the European Union with Dr. Rossbach. This course is the prerequisite for the upcoming Maymester trip to Germany and Belgium.
What other courses do you think should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!
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