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Chatham Dorms as Hogwarts Houses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chatham chapter.

Chatham looks an awful lot like Hogwarts, and this time we’ve taken the comparison to a whole new level. 

A set of studious dorms like Laughlin and Rea would obviously be Ravenclaw. Dedication to wisdom, wit, and the integrity of a legacy make these dorms and the students who live in them. Laughlin residents can often be found studying in the common rooms and writing in groups on the long table in the board room, while conversely, Rea residents show the wild side that many Ravenclaws have and only let come out after the homework is done. 

Who else could be Gryffindor but Woodland Hall, and our new dorm Dilworth? Home to many of Chatham’s athletes, these dorms are loud and proud about who they are, and they aren’t afraid to show it (even during quiet hours!). Though they like to party, these dorms showcase the Gryffindor’s commitment to what they think is right, and those who live in these halls are quite outspoken about their views, occasionally to their own detriment. 

Fickes, often forgotten, is obviously our Hufflepuff. Fickes is easy to forget about but like Hufflepuff, this dorm has character and a heart of gold. Housing everyone from homebodies to party animals, Fickes takes all types with a smile. 

The apartments make the perfect contestants for Slytherin. New students say there’s something slightly sinister about the apartments, and the residents would have agreed with you. With near constant tomfoolery, apartments residents must watch their backs and look out for their own, much like Slytherins.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’re forgetting someone! Eden Hall, Chatham’s satellite sustainability campus is without a doubt remembered. They are, of course, Ilvermory School of Wizardry. Not just their own house but their own school, Eden Hall residents spend most of their time in a completely different realm from the majority of Chatham students. They do things their own way, are innovative and set their own path for themselves. 

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