Chatham Dorms as Disney Princesses



Laughlin, the home of the Women’s Leadership LLC, is definitely Moana. Moana does not rely on her father or a prince to carry her throughout her quests. She fights for her own destiny and wants to go where no one has gone before so she can save her village and be the best female leader she can be. There’s just no telling how far Laughlin will go!


Rea, beautiful and unique, is reminiscent of Belle. Rea residents are studious and loyal and they are not afraid to get a little beastly, but only after they do their reading in the spacious common areas that honestly feel a little like the Beast’s castle. Rea is nothing like the rest of us, yes, different from the rest of us is Rea!


The apartments are full of students who left the wonderful world of upper campus for something a little… different. This makes them Ariel, who was bored of life under the sea and sought something else. Residents of the apartments are adventurous and curious, which is why they chose to live in a completely different world from the rest of the dorms.


Fickes and its residents are wild and adventurous, just like Rapunzel. I wouldn’t be surprised to waltz into Fickes and find a resident wielding a frying pan at me. Fickes residents are playful, enthusiastic, and value their freedom, which is why they’re always breaking the rules and tormenting their RAs, even though they know best.


Woodland residents are right in the middle of everything and they can’t be tamed, which makes Mulan a perfect fit. Woodland residents are fierce, loyal, and tend to catch something on fire every once in awhile (though they may try to avoid the blame, pushing it on someone like Mushu…). An outsider can’t walk into Woodland and exit unscathed; the swift, mysterious, strong residents will truly make a man out of you.


Dillworth is our newest dorm. It went from a dull, lifeless office building to a dorm full of life and interesting characters, undergoing a change just like Cinderella getting ready for the ball. But there’s more: during the day, Dillworth is rather unsuspecting. It’s usually pretty quiet, despite the faint smell of gym clothes and general filth, but once the sun goes down, it’s a different story. Loud music, shouts, and the sounds of people having a ball cut through the air even past the stroke of midnight.