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Bisexual People are Never in a Straight Relationship

Bisexuality is often seen as the sexuality that is on the fence. It’s largely believed that bisexuals don’t know what they want or they need to choose a side (i.e. be gay or be straight). Or that bisexuals want to have their cake and eat it too. For clarification, bisexuality is being sexually attracted to both genders or more than just one gender. In a world that is seen in black and white, the grey area of bisexuality is strange and out of place.

    There’s nothing more frustrating for bisexuals than for someone to say they are in “straight relationship” because they so happen to be dating a person of the opposite gender. A bisexual woman dating a man is still bisexual regardless of the gender of the person she is dating. Believing a bisexual in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender is a “straight relationship” is the way of fitting them into the neat box society created called heteronormativity.

Why do bisexuals have to constantly prove their sexuality? If they date the opposite gender, they’re deemed straight. If they date the same gender, they’re deemed gay. That’s not how bisexuality works. Bisexuals exist and they like more than one gender. It’s not that difficult to understand. Bisexual doesn’t fit in a box and that’s okay. Their relationships mean nothing to their sexuality.


Bisexuals are never in a “straight relationship. They’re always in a “bisexual relationship”.         


Iyanna is an English and Creative Writing major at Chatham University. You can follow Iyanna's Instagram @lively_bones where she pretty much posts selfies and crafts, or you can follow her Studyblr @studymydeer.
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