5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Productivity and Security

Dark Reader

Have you ever had opened your browser at night only to be stunned by the bright colors and blinding whites of most web pages? The solution to that is Dark Reader, a deceptively simple, yet incredibly effective, extension for Chrome. Rather than simply inverting the colors of the page, Dark Reader transforms them into high contrast, dark themed pages which are easier to read at night and easier on your eyes. The extension is also highly configurable, offering toggles for individual sites, as well as the individual amounts of brightness, contrast, grayscale, and sepia. This also means that images are not inverted, leaving the aesthetics of sites intact while making them much more legible. Find out more and download Dark Reader for free from the Chrome Web Store:  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh?hl=en.


uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin is the original version of uBlock, a popular content-filtering extension.

    By default, uBlock Origin works to block ads, trackers, and malicious sites, but the     extension is highly configurable through a number of settings and user lists that are     available. For example, users can set uBlock Origin up to block all media elements if     they so choose. However, most users just need a simple adblocker, and Origin fulfills     that purpose beautifully. Whereas some other adblock extensions allow “acceptable ads”     (read: monetized ads) or let certain types of ads slip through, Origin is an extremely     thorough blocker due to the filtering lists it employs. If you need to turn off Origin in order     to access a site that does not allow adblocking, it’s incredibly easy to just click the big     power button under the extension tab to disable Origin just for that site. Overall, uBlock     Origin is a great choice for an adblocker as it is reliable, thorough, and easy to set up     and use. uBlock Origin is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Find out more and download uBlock Origin for free at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock.

Poper Blocker

    While some extensions try to do it all, Poper Blocker is focused on one task: blocking     pop ups and overlays that would otherwise compromise and clutter your browsing     experience. This allows Poper Blocker to be a streamlined, accurate extension that does     its job efficiently and almost without fail. Similarly, the user interface is easy to use and     interact with. It shows when a pop up has been blocked, quickly allows users to whitelist     sites, and provides an array of options for customizing your experience. However, its     best feature by far is its highly accurate blocking. Find out more and download Poper     Blocker for free at https://poperblocker.com/.


HTTPS Everywhere

    HTTPS Everywhere is a useful extension created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation     and the Tor Project to enable secure transfer protocols on many sites. HTTP means     “hyper text transfer protocol” and it is the way data is sent between your browser and a     website; HTTPS is the secure version of that protocol, meaning that data transfer is     encrypted. Any data sent over an HTTP connection is sent in plain text, so if that data is     intercepted, it could be read by anyone. Despite this obvious security risk, HTTPS is still     not used on the majority of sites. That is where HTTPS Everywhere comes in. It will     enable HTTPS for as many sites as possible, creating a much more secure browsing     experience. HTTPS Everywhere is available for Chrome, Firefox, Firefox for Android,     and Opera. Find out more and download HTTPS Everywhere for free at     https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere.



    Gismeteo is a Chrome extension that adds a weather icon to your toolbar. Rather than     having to open a weather app, you can now access real-time updates without even     opening a new tab. The Gismeteo icon includes a small image showing what the     weather is like and a small text box showing the current temperature. Upon opening the     extension, the beautiful interface displays an immense amount of information, including     sunrise, sunset, hourly and daily forecasts, water temperature, and what the temperature     feels like. Find out more and download Gismeteo for free at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gismeteo/bfegaehidkkcfaikpaijcdahnpikhobf?hl=en.