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5 Gifs from Superstore That Sum Up Every College Student Walking Into Midterms

When you walk out and are trying to tell your friends how the test went.





As you’re handing the test in to your professor.



When that person who always ruins the curve saunters in with that cocky smirk on their face.



When you get to the essay portion and aren’t quite sure what words are anymore.



When you get to a question and are pretty sure you never covered that one in class.



Bonus: When your professor hands the exam back and you have to turn it over to see your score.


Superstore returns March 1 to NBC. If you haven’t been watching it already, I highly recommend you start. It’s also great to binge watch as you’re studying for midterms.


Claire Rhode is a junior double majoring in creative writing and history. She is the senior editor of Chatham's Her Campus chapter and also edits for Mighty Quill Books and the Minor Bird. You can also read her work on InMotion and Fauna's blogs.
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