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4 Awesome Innovations For Women That You Should Know About


Women’s products were built for looks and not for function, and it’s obvious when the frilly lacy bra that makes the girls look great has to be washed in a bucket but still smells weird after. Feminine hygiene is a $15 billion industry and not much has been done to improve the quality of the products we get. Not to mention what the girls in developing countries have to go through not having access to sanitary products. But finally there are companies taking notice of our struggle, and we should give them our full attention.


1. Lily Cup Compact


The Lily Cup Compact is the nicer sister to the Diva Cup, coming in the same two sizes: one for women who have given birth and one for those who haven’t. Plus, it collapses into its own cute little carrying case so your period never catches you panicking in the bathroom without quarters for that tampon vending machine on the wall. The Lily Cup Compact boasts that it can save you (and the environment) 1625 tampons over the course of the cup’s life.

The reviews from the overly successful Kickstarter campaign are even more promising, with many users saying that it’s more comfortable than the Diva Cup and better at preventing leaks. It also rolls up to the size of a tampon for the easy insertion you’re used to. For $39, it’s hard to beat.

And, come on, it has a carrying case.


2. Flo


Flo was made specifically with developing countries in mind. In basic terms, it’s a spinning wheel that cleans feminine hygiene products and comes with a concealable carrying case. While it shouldn’t have to be concealable, many developing countries shame women into staying home when they’re on their periods, leading to an eventual lag in classes. Not to mention the cloths that most girls have are washed and reused without proper sanitization, providing a hot bed for microbial pests and diseases.

Flo is a very necessary, if sadly necessary, innovation for girls everywhere to be able to overcome their periods and succeed in school. Its smart construction with multiple functions will make waves with every girl who gets one and is able to keep up with her schooling because of a simple spinning wheel.


3.  8-in-1 Evolution Bra


The Evolution bra by Knix Wear is proclaimed to be the most advanced bra on the market today, offering anti-microbial, anti-odor, anti-moisture, and no underwire that can be worn eight different ways. Designed to be durable, the Evolution bra is a no-muss no-fuss kind of product with all functionality and no lace. The Kickstarter campaign exploded with more than $300,000 above the original goal and two weeks to go, and all of the early bird bra orders are already spoken for and ship out in December. While it’s unclear when the regular sale of this product will go up, we do know that they will cost $55 each.

But, let’s be real, you could spend that much at Victoria’s Secret and not get nearly the same functional quality.




THINX underwear strives to eliminate the need for disposable hygiene products by combining our underwear and pads, and making it cute in the process. The underwear holds as much as two tampons and is built to not produce an odor or leak, even if you have a really heavy flow. There are three sizes available depending on your needs and the price varies by absorption amount. You can even build what is called a “cycle kit,” picking out all the underwear you think you would need for a whole period for a better price than if you bought them all separately. Like Flo, this would also tremendously help girls in developing nations deal with the stigma of having a period.

And think of the landfills that would be spared of your tampons!


Celebrate all of these things! Tell your coworkers, your friends, your family, your boss (okay, maybe not your boss). Spread the word that innovations for women are finally focusing on something other than looking like a bombshell. Our comfort matters, guys, and this is a big deal. 

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