10 Times the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Squad was Every College Student During Finals

1.    When someone suggested actually taking notes, which is obviously a flawed strategy for success  

2.    When you’re running out of reasons to procrastinate  

3.    When attendance wasn’t mandatory, so you only come for the final… which was maybe not the best choice  

4.    When you get to the exam and realize you should have studied harder


5.    When you have five minutes left and you’re not even close to being finished  

6.    When you start stress eating to deal with it (like you haven’t been stress eating the whole semester)  

7.    When your professor hands back your exams  

8.    When you get your grades back  

9.    When you finally get to leave for the summer and never have to see your professors again (until next semester)  

10.    When you realize that you somehow managed to actually pass and you’ll be coming back strong next semester!

At least until the cycle inevitably begins again.