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YouTubers To Check Out

YouTube is one of the most successful platforms used by millions to produce content for people all around the world to view. The magic of it is that anyone can make anything which gives people a freedom to be creative.

From makeup gurus to bakers to educational channels, there are numerous channels to enjoy. Here are some great channels to check out.

Style/Makeup: Tess Christine

Tess has an amazing style and is known for celebrity-inspired style videos, incorporating outfits with a lot less expensive steals. She also puts up travel vlogs and makeup tutorials. She’s got it all.


Funny: Jenna Marbles

Most people know of Jenna because her videos are oddly hilarious. Her success seems to come from her amazing personality and how relatable she is.

Cooking/baking: Laura Vitale

Any recipe you are looking for, Laura will most definitely have it! She is an Italian American host who puts up the most scrumptious recipes and teaches you with the jolliest attitude. She even has her own book, “Laura in the Kitchen.”


Fitness: Boho Beautiful

If anyone is going to make working out a soothing and fun activity, it’s Juliana Semenova. She has the most relaxing voice (perfect for yoga) and films her fitness routines (yoga and pilates based) in the most extravagant places.

Educational: SciShow

This channel is great when you are deep in thought. Like when you’re thinking about things like “Can danger give you super strength?” or “What did dinosaurs tastes like?” Whatever random thought you’re having, SciShow will most likely have a quick video explaining the science behind it!

Vlogger/personality: Gianna Gravalese

With her exciting personality, come along with Gianna’s life as she navigates through her experience (PLUS she is a Chapman student!). She does vlogs on her adventures and Orange Country trending food reviews!  

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