Why you Should Stop Worrying so Much About the Future

     If you’re reading this, you’re probably worried about something in your future. Maybe it’s what classes you’ll take next semester, ongoing friend drama, finding a boyfriend, personal problems, or just what you’re even going to end up doing with your life. Or maybe you just worry about what will come tomorrow, leaving yourself little time to enjoy the present. Either way, this mindset is unhealthy. I’m not saying it’s not natural, but it can definitely be improved upon.

     If you think about it, worrying about what is to come is pretty pointless. We can’t control anything that happens to us, regardless of if we think we can. All worrying does is stress us out and keep us from being our most positive, productive, and happy selves. A little stress is natural because it keeps us on top of our game, but worrying about things that we can’t control only fogs up our minds and makes us feel helpless or trapped.

     Instead of letting negative thoughts about the future occupy your mind, try to focus on the given present moment and think about what you can control at that time. Making each present moment the best it can will set up your future to be more amazing than you ever thought it could be.