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Why You Should Foster a Dog

Dogs are the one animal that are capable of bringing a smile to almost anyone’s face. Dogs are also the animals that are killed at the highest amount in shelters each year, averaging about 1.2 million dogs euthanized per year. However, there absolutely does not have to be that much death. There are multiple organizations across the country that rescue dogs from kill shelters and find them foster homes until they can be properly adopted. I fostered a dog from one such organization, 4 Life Rescue, for two weeks, and it was one of the most mentally exhausting but rewarding things I’ve ever done.

I fostered a pit bull named Sky, who was super sweet but also super high maintenance. She was highly energetic, barked and pulled. But she was also loving and caring, and could sense when I was unhappy. If I had the time and wasn’t a broke college student, I would’ve permanently adopted Sky because she simply had so much love to give. However, due to my schedule and personal mental health issues, it was hard to worry for another creature’s well being on top of my own. I had breakdowns almost daily, cut class because I was worried about her and would lie awake some nights stressed about tomorrow. Harsh reality said, I do not regret fostering her. I may have been more anxious and stressed than I ever have been before, but I also felt like I was making a difference in some small way by taking Sky in for just two weeks. Even though there were some days when I could not wait for the two weeks to be up, I cried the twenty minute ride home after saying goodbye to her. Despite everything, I would foster a dog again in a heartbeat because it helps keep these loving creatures alive.

Fostering dogs isn’t for everyone. It can be hard, but it is rewarding. If you find yourself with time on your hands and have a happy home, you should absolutely commit to fostering a furry friend. Learn about the dog and the time you would have to set aside just for the dog. Acknowledge that you likely won’t get a full night’s sleep. Do it anyway because it is worth it.


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