Why Spring Break at Home is Better Than Anywhere Else

    As a college student, it feels like there’s this pressure to go somewhere fun or exotic during spring break with your friends and have the best time of your life. As someone staying home for spring break this year, I’ll describe why I am so genuinely excited to do just that.

    First, you save a TON of money by staying at home instead of paying for an expensive vacation. This is likely such a huge amount of money that you could give yourself a shopping spree over spring break and treat yourself without guilt!

    By staying at home for break, you’ll finally get to relax. While going on vacation can be relaxing as well, the stress of planning and organizing is very real. Take that much-needed time for yourself and just enjoy eating and sleeping like you’re not able to in college.

    Most importantly, home time means family time!! Yes, family can get on our nerves at times, but a week or so of quality time with them is an opportunity to really bond and catch up with them. If anything, they will appreciate you spending quality time with them more than anything.

    Take spring break as an opportunity to spend time with old friends, family, and yourself. You will see your college friends after break, and that time apart from them can help your relationship with them. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.