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Where To Take Friends That Visit You in Orange County

I was once like the people that have come to visit me: looking to others to show them around. But now, I am the one they look to, so here’s what I’ve learned.

This past week, two of my friends from home (The Bay Area) came to visit me, and I was overjoyed to show them around – at first. But then, I realized that I would be faced with the task of figuring out where I’d take them. They were staying in Anaheim, so I had to think of what restaurant to take them to. I asked around, and everyone said “The Packing House” – but my friends had gone there for lunch, so that was out of the running. (If the dear person visiting you hasn’t been to the Anaheim Packing House – take them there! There are a variety of lunch, dinner, and dessert places, and perhaps most importantly, the aesthetics are worthy of Instagram posts.)

Now that the Packing House – the only recommendation I had gotten from all ten people I had asked – was out the window, I went onto Google maps and checked what was nearby. And then I found it: Orange Roll and Sushi. There’s one in Orange, on Tustin St., and I’d been once, and I liked it. So I took them to the one in Anaheim, hoping it was as good as I remembered. After I barely maneuvered a spot in the parking lot outside the restaurant, we went in and got a nice table near the window. And luckily, we all loved the meal – the prices were cheap, the portions big but not too much to handle, and the food was yummy. So, if your friends like sushi, Orange Roll and Sushi is a solid choice. Upon finishing our meal, I suggested we get dessert – what kind of host would I be if I didn’t take them to a trendy dessert place? I decided we should go to Afters because it’s not too far from Anaheim (or Chapman) – it’s in Tustin (and there are more locations in SoCal).  My friends loved it. The Cookie Monster ice cream flavor and Milky Buns are what Afters is known for, but I also love the Mint Monster ice cream flavor.


I called this night a success – not just because of the good food but because of the great company. And that’s what you need to remember when freaking out about where to take your friends: they just want to see you; the food comes second.


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