What It's Really Like to Have an On Campus Job

On campus jobs are great resources for students to make money while going to school full time; however, it's not always easy.

1. It’s harder than you think.


As nice as it sounds to sit on campus and do homework, there is actual work involved. There’s some days where I am able to sit back and work on homework; there are other days where there are so many students coming in asking questions or my boss has me doing a task that I barely have time to eat lunch.


2. You make friends.


Since I spend nearly everyday in a small office I have made friends with my coworkers.

Although I don’t really have the chance to see them outside of work, it is so much fun to come into the office and see their bright faces. The office is the place where we can talk about our lives, make decisions, and plan for future events all together.


3. You get to know the system.


Since I work in the Registrar’s Office I have a lot of knowledge about anything that involves transcripts, classes, and registering. Ask me a question about the registration process and I will probably know it. In fact, I've basically become an FAQ page for my friends who need help. It also makes finding classes for next year less stressful for me. 


4. It gives you an appreciation for your school.


Now that I know all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, I have a greater appreciation for my school. I see what the faculty and staff do to ensure that their students receive the best education possible. In the end, your university was made to help you succeed.


As with any job, on-campus positions have pros and cons. However, despite all the work you may have to put in, you'll often come off better in the end.