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What I Learned as a Freshman in College

1.  Go to class.

This is obvious, but that Thursday morning 8:30 Spanish class is actually death and I may or may not have skipped it a few times (sorry Mom), but skipping it actually made me feel worse and stressed me out over what I missed in lecture.  So just go.

2.  It’s okay to say no.

When I first got to school all I wanted was to be in a sorority, pre-law fraternity, online magazine (shoutout!), cure cancer, maybe join the feminist group, and literally everything else.  So I did and everyone should, but I had take a step back and reflect upon what it was doing for me and then decide if it was a yes or a no.  Do not hesitate to say no, it will probably give you more study time and brain power.       

3.  Call Mom and Dad

This took me a really long time to understand, but my Mom and Dad are my biggest fans, paparazzi when they can be, homies, and idols.  The first month or so of school I was “too busy” for a phone call, too preoccupied with something else, and just lame.  Mom and Dad have invested their entire life into my well being and deserve a couple phone calls.

4.  Sleep cures EVERYTHING

Sick?  Sad?  Don’t want to work on a paper?  Sleep.

5.  I never realized how much I loved my dog.

I am thinking of my pup right now and all I want is to squeeze her.  Dogs are the realest and complete any squad.  Shoutout Sparrow, I love you.  

6. FaceTime is my best friend

A quick FaceTime with a high school friend changes my entire mood.  Seeing their face instead of a text or phone call makes all the difference in the world.  Looking at their cute little room, meeting their roommates, updating me on all their college adventures really makes me appreciate them and remember why they rock.  

7.  I realized how much I love my hometown.

Once you come back home for the first time after being away, you realize how insanely awesome your hometown is.  Oh and driving your car… Magical.  But, on the real, you thank your parents for choosing to raise you there and reminisce on all the random places and things you experienced while growing up.

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